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All-on-X Dental Implants

This is a comprehensive contemporary solution. Hundreds of thousands of patients around the Globe already got the priceless advantage of All-on-4/5/6/7/X. This is the fast and simple as 1-2-3 process!

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Dental Implants, Surgical & Restorative Services

Let us introduce a full range of our Dental Implant surgical and Restorative treatment options for your consideration. All our Dental Implant Patients getting a complimentary first consultation and CT-scan.

Single Dental Implant

The procedure on single implant placememnt includes the surgical placing of a small titanium post into the jaw at the place of a missing tooth.

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Multiple Dental Implants

These placements are more complex than single implant placement, as it may include extra alignment of the posts, crowns, and teeth.

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All-on-4® Dental Implants

The All-on-4® Dental Implants treatment solution provides a permanent, same-day replacement for an entire arch of teeth.

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Bone Graft & Sinus Lift

Usually related to Dental Implants placement procedure which includes artificial bone placement to provide better basement for implant.

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Temporary Teeth

If you are a All-on-4® patient you’ll leave with a beautiful set of temporary teeth which allow you to feel confident and heal properly.

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Final Teeth

This is your unique chance to get a new full-arch dental restorattion, which not only looks great but also performs like the original one.

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Treatments includes temporary teeth at the surgery day


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