Why Cosmo Dental?

What are the things that make us different?

Quality Dentistry

High-quality dentistry is our constant goal. Our skilled team pays attention to every detail and delivers treatment solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's through replacing missing teeth, removing pain or boosting self-esteem with a smile makeover, our goal in every service is to improve our patients' quality of life by delivering quality dentistry.

Modern Hi-Tech Dentistry

Cosmo Dental, practices a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry with expertise ranging from porcelain veneers to dental implants, crowns and bridges. Dr. Olga can now correct a wide variety of so-called permanent cosmetic dental problems, and can literally redesign your smile.

Honest Recommendations

Have you ever been to a dentist that tried to sell you more than you needed? We don't do that here! We only recommend treatments that are in the best interests of our patients. We don't over-diagnosis or over-treat — ever! We are honest in our recommendations and trustworthy in the care we deliver. You can count on us..

About Cosmo Dental

At Cosmo Dental, our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth and adults by offering the highest-quality dental care in a private-office atmosphere. By providing a team of professional, highly educated, honest, compassionate and committed employees, we aim to improve patient health, appearance, self-confidence and overall quality of life.

Cosmo Dental is proud to offer the highest level of care to our community. A combination of the latest treatments and technologies and a genuine passion for patient care allow us to provide our patients with optimal experiences and results in our office every day. Whether you are here for aesthetic or health reasons, we welcome you to our practice.

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Our Services

Today’s advanced dental treatments and materials can give you a healthier, more complete smile. Your Cosmo Dental specialist, Dr. Olga, can help revitalize and maintain your teeth and gums, giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed about.

Aesthetic Restoration

Our teeth are not always even and beautiful, as we wish they were. If your teeth's shape isn't great naturally, the dental restoration will help to make your smile beautiful.

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Crowns and Bridges

If you are missing out on one or more than one tooth, then dental crowns and bridges are the best solutions for you. Both dental bridges and dental crowns make use of prosthetic devices to bring back your lost smile.

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Teeth Whitening

We think not only about aesthetics, but also about your health. Before the procedure, the doctor will exclude possible contradications and recommend the method that is most effective in your case.

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Professional Higyene

Prevention of caries for your beautiful smile is our passion! Dentists at Cosmo Dental clinic know how to maintain your beautiful smile professionally.

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Dental Implants

Implant technology is giving people full confidence to smile again. Unlike dentures, dental implants don't fall out and they take the worry out of chewing. At Cosmo Dental our oral surgeons perform a full range of dental implant procedures and surgeries.

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Oral Surgery

Our doctors compliment each other by working closely together and providing an integrated approach to any task. Different types of oral syrgery is one of those tasks.

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GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) is a game changer for better oral prophylaxis.

Professional tooth cleaning is necessary to deliver a beautiful smile and maintain healthy teeth. It removes harmful plaque (called biofilm) on teeth and gums.

It is the only way to prevent gum desease (periodontitis) and tooth decay (caries), both identified as common desease bythe WHO (World Health Organization).


Happy Patients


Team Members


Suceeded Cases


Yers of Experience

Our Philosophy

We provide various services, from standart manipulations for the tooth treatment restoration to complex bite correction operations. We will alway help you and your family members!

Aesthetic Dentistry
General Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
Oral Surgery


Most common questions and answers how to our clinic handle modern dental chalenges of our Patients.

Meet Our Team

Cosmo Dental is modern dentistry for the whole family. We provide all dental services, help to solve even the most difficult tasks for the health and beauty of your smile. Over the years many successful treatments and oerations have been carried out. We not only restored health of hundreds of patients, but also helped them improve their appearance.

Dental cone beam is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. Your doctor may use this technology to produce three dimensional (3-D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan.

The goal of our team is to preserve and restore the health of the dental system, to improve the image aesthetics with maximum comfort fro you. Cosmo Dental provides the best conditions and hast all the means avaliable today.

The clinic was created taking into account years of experience and it customer service meets the most stringent national standarts. Please welcome to the Cosmo Dental experience! We are so ready to help you out with you beatiful smile with all our passion and skills possible.

Cosmo Dental Tour

Welcome to Cosmo Dental office that is located in the heart of city of San Francisco, California. Our cozy and inviting reception area offers comfortable chairs, big screen TV, different magazines, cool water to suit your taste and make the wait comfortable for our patients and guests.

Meet Our Doctors

Only the specialists of the highest category with a unique experience work in our dentistry. Other clinics send patients to us for complex, highly specialized surgical treatment.

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Olga Antipova, DDS
Dental Specialist
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Alexander V. Antipov, DDS
Board Certified Oral Surgeon

Our Pricing Flexibility

Dental financing made easy. Move forward with your dental implant treatment with smart, simple and more affordable payment options with Cosmo Dental.

Dentical Medical Program

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What should I expect on my first visit? What should I do before and after the treatment or surgery? These and other questions are answered in our Patient Information center. Please feel free to contact us any of listed below contacts.

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